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In this course, you’ll learn how to use Firebase from the experts at Google. Firebase is an app development platform that provides developers with a variety of tools and a scalable infrastructure so that you can quickly build high quality apps.

In this course, you’ll build FriendlyChat, a realtime text and picture chat application.

To start, you’ll see how easy it is to read and write data to Firebase. After that, you’ll learn how to let users login with their email or Google account. You’ll then learn how to use Firebase’s Security and Rules language to secure and add permissions to your data.

In the second lesson, you’ll learn about Firebase Storage, which lets users upload content from their devices. Then you’ll have a brief overview of Firebase Analytics so you can analyze app usage data to make decision about your app. Following that, you’ll explore Firebase Notifications, which allow you to send notifications to customized segments of users. Finally, you’ll dive into Firebase Remote Config, which gives you the ability to tune and customize your app without having to publish a new version. By the end of this course you will have an Android application that can store and share data between different users in realtime as well as authenticate and authorize those users.

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Este curso é seu primeiro passo em direção a uma nova carreira com o programa Trabalhe com desenvolvimento iOS

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Firebase in a Weekend by Google: iOS

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Você precisa ter proficiência em Java e no Framework do Android (noções básicas de Android ou nível equivalente). Familiaridade com o Git, o uso de APIs abertas e conhecimentos de Android Studio também serão úteis.

Jarrod Parkes

Jarrod Parkes

Por que fazer este curso?

If you are an iOS developer and your app needs any of the following features:

  • Online data storage
  • Real-time synchronization between many users
  • Authentication for Email/Password as well as OAuth providers
  • Data permissions and security
  • Offline access to data

This is the course for you!

Firebase is a gentle but very powerful introduction to storing and managing data. With just a few lines of code, you can read and write almost any data you could dream up from your own custom Firebase backend.

Furthermore, Firebase has a generous free plan that lets you start making hosted apps with multiple users immediately.

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