Todos nossos cursos abertos e programas Nanodegree

Master writing in Swift as you build five portfolio-worthy iOS apps to demonstrate your expertise as an iOS Developer.

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This course will teach you when and why to choose Firebase as a backend for your iOS application.
Learn the distinguishing language features of Objective-C. Practice Objective-C syntax by writing classes, and writing and calling methods.

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Learn Swift, Apple's programming language for building iOS applications. Start with the basics and work your way towards completing sets of challenges in Swift.

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Get a quick practical introduction to Swift programming basics and build your first iOS app!
With this course, you will learn about AutoLayout and how to use stack views and constraints to create pixel-perfect UIs.
Learn the best practices for creating iOS interfaces. Build adaptive interfaces, animate UI elements, and analyze designs from popular apps on the App Store.
In this course, you'll explore iOS design patterns — the practical and battle-tested solutions to common problems that are used everyday by developers.
Persisting data is a core skill for any iOS developer. Learn how to store app data to your device's hard drive using two common techniques: Core Data & NSKeyedArchiver.
Learn how to incorporate networking into your apps to access data from around the world. Build the On the Map app to share location and fun links with fellow students.
Many times your apps need to run lengthy operations in the background, like downloading data, but you don't want these operations to interfere with your UI. Apple's Grand Central Dispatch framework allows you to create asynchronous apps for iOS, ensuring smooth a smooth user experience in situations like the one mentioned above.
Take the first step in becoming an iOS Developer by learning about Swift and writing your first app.
Learn the process of building an app, taking your ideas from drawing board to App Store!
In this course, you'll learn standard methodologies for debugging software, and how to use Xcode's debugging tools to find and squash bugs.
Aprenda a usar o controle de versão, uma ferramenta importante para qualquer desenvolvedor. O curso se concentrará no Git, um sistema específico de controle de versão, e GitHub, uma plataforma de colaboração.
Learn the iOS UIKit framework, which is the cornerstone of creating user interfaces in all iOS apps and crucial for any iOS Developer to be intimately familiar with.
This course focuses on the syntax of the Swift programming language. By the end of the course, you'll be able to apply Swift essentials to building iOS apps.